L’Espace géographique 2/03

With summaries

The greater French South-East: a strategic space in a spatio-logistical recomposition in Europe? (2 fig.)

High speed and social hierarchy: metropolitan work as a spatial analysis tool (3 tabl., 2 fig., 2 encadrés)

Anne AGUILÉRA. The location of business services in the Lyon metropolitan area (France): between centrality and diffusion (6 tabl., 2 fig.)

Éric CROUZET. The office property market and metropolitan territories: accentuating territorial discrimination

Soizic ALAVOINE-MULLER. A globe for the Universal Exhibition of 1900. The geographical utopia of Élisée Reclus (4 fig.)

Reconstitution of a spatial diffusion from a state sequence (2 tabl., 8 fig.)

Book reviews

In this issue of l’Espace géographique, you will find critical reviews of the following books:

VALENTINE Gill (2001). Social Geographies: space and society. Harlow: Prentice Hall/Pearson, coll. 400 p., ISBN 0 582 35777 2, par Hugh Clout sous le titre: Prepared for a shock?

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