L’Espace géographique 4/06

With summaries

Identity and territoriality: the ambiguity of a geographical concept

Senses of belonging ans identity territories (3 tabl.)

Territory, belonging and identification. Some reflexions from the Tunisian case (1 tabl.)

Territorialisation of ethnicity, ethnicisation of territory. The case of the Soviet and Russian political system (1 fig.)

The territories of identity and collective memory in diaspora (2 photos)

Michel BUSSI. Is territorial identity essential to democracy?

Talking a stand: reflections on the resources and limits of “identity” in geography

Food vulnerability of Sahelian people: concepts, scales and lessons of a ground-bases research program (3 encadrés, 2 fig., 2 tabl.)

Do nomadic societies lose their special features on settling? The Kel Ewey counter-example (Aïr-Niger) (1 fig., 1 photo)

Book reviews

In this issue of l’Espace géographique, you will find critical reviews of the following books

SMITH N. (2003). American Empire: Roosevelt’s Geographer and the Prelude to Globalisation. Berkeley: University of California Press, California Studies in Critical Human Geography, n° 9, 558 p. (Hugh Clout, University of London)

BOLLMANN J., KOCH W.G. (2001). Lexikon der kartographie und geomatik. Heidelberg-Berlin: Spektrum Akademischer Verlag, 2 vol., 453 et 455 p. (Hervé Théry, CNRS-Credal et Universidade de São Paulo)

LE FUR A., (2000). Pratiques de la cartographie. Paris: Armand Colin, coll. «Synthèse», série géographie, 96 p. (Hervé Théry, CNRS-Credal et Universidade de São Paulo)

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