«The map of our land»: Implications of maps as seen by the Kayapó Indians (Amazon region of Brazil) (4 fig.)

Chorotype of the South Asian port metropolis (1 fig.)

François Durand-Dastès. Model of trading posts. Trading posts in their environment (2 fig.)

Caroline Merle, Denis Gautier. Modelling fuel wood felling in the villages of southern Maroua (Cameroon) (8 fig.)

Wealth and population in the world: a multi-scale representation of inequality (4 fig.)

Diaspora and the international economy: the case of South Africans of Indian origin (5 fig.)

Teaching geography. Changing scales: the beginnings of a necessary practice (2 fig.)

Enali de Biaggi, Martine Droulers. The island of Brazil: the power of a cartographic myth (3 fig.)

Book reviews (Roget Brunet, Gilles Fumey, Cécile Gaudin)

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