Dominique CROZAT. Dancing in France. (7 fig.)

Philippe MORANT, Françoise Le Henaff et Jean-Pierre MARCHAND. Changes in a bocage landscape: an example of dynamic cartography. (4 fig.)

Guy JALABERT et Daniel WEISSBERG. The Midi-Pyrénées region: organisation and dynamics. (6 fig.)

Cécile HELLE. Towns and spatial organisation in Vaucluse. (8 fig.)

Benoît ANTHEAUME et Louis ARRÉGHINI. Madeleine BROCARD, Olivier JOLY et Benjamin STECK. Maritime traffic networks (6 fig.)

Jacques MARCADON. Ports and worldwide containership traffic, 1983-1992. (5 fig.)

Jean-Claude ROUX, Philippe WANIEZ et Violette BRUSTLEIN-WANIEZ. Levels of analysis and thematic mapping: ethnic groups and living conditions in Bolivia. (13 fig.)

Jean-Paul CHEYLAN et Thérèse PANOUILLÈRES. Stop press.

Loïc RAVENEL. The geographical origins of professional footballers. (4 fig.)

Michel VIGOUROUX.  Atlas permanent de la mer et du littoral (2 fig.) (review).

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