Maps and identity. Murals in South African cities (6 fig.)

Sandrine Assalin. Migration patterns: the diffusion of family names from southwestern France. (4 fig.)

The use of pastures in the Causse Méjan by Przewalski's horses. (6 fig.)

Lucian Dobraca. Management of critical areas: the Danube Delta between isolation and reserve. (4 fig.)

The spatial diffusion of geographical information technologies in France. (5 fig.)

Changes in the Brazilian agropastoral space between 1975 and 1996. (5 fig.)

Marcelo Sili. The Argentinian pampa: structure and evolution of a rural region. (4 fig.)

Jean-Christophe Foltête. Distance as a major determinant on land use and society in Doubs (France). (6 fig.)

Book reviews.

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