Yves POINSOT. A form in a gymnasium: a geographical metaphor (4 fig.)

Patricia CICILLE, Michel VIGOUROUX. The difficulties in the spatial representation of a transborder territory (12 fig.)

Loïc RAVENEL. The spreading of top-level soccer in France (3 fig.)

Pierre STOECKLIN. In favour of rural and mountain school: the geographical model, a great help for national and local administration (2 fig.)

Jean-Christophe GAY. Spatial logics in Monaco (4 fig.)

Philippe BÉRINGUIER. Protecting landscape quality at a city entrance: Lardenne avenue in Toulouse (6 fig.)

Jean-Michel JAUZE. Reunion Island: two models of the spatial dynamics of cities (5 fig.)

1995 CASSINI meeting Jean-Paul Cheylan

Stop press Jean-Paul Cheylan, Cécile Gaudin


Book reviews Roger Brunet, Annie Genzling, Laurent Grison, Loïc Ravenel

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