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The aim of this 96-page quarterly review, published with the support of CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research), is to offer information, debates and reflections. Both open to novelty and preoccupied with fundamental issues, it is a great help to researchers, academics and teachers, to students and all those with an interest in land planning. L’Espace Géographique has papers on fundamental issues illustrated with maps, graphs and photographs, with abstracts, key words and a table of contents in French and English, sometimes a third language, with research notes, reviews of books. Yearly tables of contents and indexes, plus a recapitulation every five years.

Founded in 1972, it is now the most widely read geographical review in French and has become the most authoritative. It has an international editorial committee including many geographers of worldwide reputation while its methods of evaluation also put it on a par with the highest-ranking publications in France and abroad; over half of its subscribers are outside France and among its contributors are scholars from many nations.

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Last modified: March 3, 2023