L’Espace géographique 1/12

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Denise PUMAIN, Marie-Claire ROBIC. The Glorious Forties of L’Espace géographique

The words of L’Espace géographique

with contribution of The words of L’Espace géographique: A lexical analysis of the titles and keywords from 1972 to 2010 (2 fig., 5 tables.) (appendix)

Equipment and networks in African cities

David BLANCHON, Olivier GRAEFE. Networks in African cities: Theoretical frameworks and empirical research

Radical political ecology and water in Khartoum. A theoretical approach that goes beyond the case study (1  box, 2  fig., 1  table)

Networked services and features of African urbanization: Other path toward globalization (3 fig., 2 tables)

The international circulation and social contructions of a policy model: City Improvement Districts and urban service management in Johannesburg

Mobile telephony in African cities. A succesful adaptation to local context

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