L’Espace géographique 2/12

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Françoise GOURMELON, Thomas HOUET, Christine VOIRON-CANICIO, Thierry JOLIVEAU. Geoprospective, contribution of the spatial approaches to prospective

Forecasting change in prospective and spatial change in geoprospective

What land purchase patterns have to say about the future of territories: prospective elements in Southeast France (2 boxs; 13 fig.)

Companion modelling: variant of geoprospective approach (2 fig., 1 photo)

Perennial biomass crops and their territorial patterns. A case-study of miscanthus in the Côte-d’Or (Bergundy, France (3 fig., 8 tabl.)

Geoprospective: an emerging field of research?


Reflexive strategies in planning for adaptation to environmental change

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