L’Espace géographique 1/16

EG 4/15

With summaries

Laurent BEAUGUITTE, Claude GRASLAND, Marta SEVERO. Geographical spaces and media representations

(3 fig.; 5 tabl.)

International agenda-setting, the media and geography: A multi-dimensional analysis of news flows (9 fig.)

Geopolitical representations of Sinai in three newspapers (3 fig.; 6 tabl.)

Wealth and poverty in Ile-de-France working-class municipalities: Are housing policies game-changers? (6 fig.; 1 photo) (annex)

Lou camin de vida prouvençau, a social-spatial constraint to the implementation of the energy transition (5 fig.; 2 tabl.)

Book reviews

In this issue of l’Espace géographique, you will find critical reviews of the following books

BOULEAU N. (2014). La Modélisation critique. Paris: Éditions Quæ, 170 p. (Yves Guermond, université de Rouen, UMR Idees) ISBN: 978-2-7592-2199-8

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