L’Espace géographique 4/15

EG 4/15

With summaries

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Depicting strongly growing urban areas in the global South. Positioning according to works on Asian cities expansion

Nicolas GINSBURGER, Marie-Claire ROBIC. French-German conversation: Geopolitics in the fifties

Pierre RIQUET. “Geography as science or as justification”

Claude BATAILLON. 1955, geopolitics and applied geography

Yves GUERMOND. Geopolitics: From radicality to ubiquity

Thierry SANJUAN. China seen by Jean Dresch in the middle of 1950s

Olivier ORAIN. An attempt at exhausting a Parisian conference

Active geographers and political geography. Comparing the portraits of Wolfgang Hartke and Jean Dresch in the 1950s

Trying to not “lose sight of geography altogether”. The diversity of French and German political geographies in the 1950s

Exploring shrinking spatial processes: Health services in the French urban system

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