L’Espace géographique 1/97

With summaries

Valérie GELÉZEAU. Renewal for moon villages in Seoul: rebuilding the city and setting socio-spatial segregation. (1 tabl., 3 fig. 2 phot., lexique)

Abdelkrim MOUZOUNE. Algiers: urban conflict and new territorial ecogenesis. (3 fig.)

Philippe GUILLAUME. From white to black… Essay on a new segregation in the centre of Johannesburg. (3 tabl., 3 fig.)

Morgane LABBÉ. Ethnic statistics in the Balkans: the use of censuses. (4 tabl., 3 fig.)

Christine VOIRON-CANICCIO. Shapes, discontinuities and space divisions. (5 fig.)

Stéphane ROCHE. A new view of space and its management. Case studies from France and Quebec. (3 fig.)

Yves JEAN. The changing countryside and the prospects for small rural schools. (1 fig.)

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