L’Espace géographique 4/96

With summaries

Jack SOMMER. United States urban policy. Après le déluge.

Roger STOUGH, Kingsley E. HAYNES, Harrison S. CAMPBELL Jr. Evolution of the netplex: the economic dynamics of the U.S. National Capital Region. (1 tabl., 2 fig.)

John REES. The new economic geography of the United States. (4 tabl.)

William B. BEYERS, David P. LINDAHL. The growth and location of business services in the American economy. (4 fig.)

James W. HARRINGTON, Jane DERBOGHOSSIAN, Dengjian JIN. State and local perspectives on United States commercial bank restructuring.

Lay James GIBSON. A multiple scale region approach for measuring development project impacts. (1 fig., 2 photos)

Jean-Claude ROUX. The eastern borders Bolivia: a cartography of the imaginary. A critical review of the first national map, that of 1859. (5 fig.)

Sandrine BERROIR. Urban densities spaces: theories and modelling. (5 fig.)

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