L’Espace géographique 1/98

With summaries

Nadine CATTAN, Thérèse SAINT-JULIEN. Models of geographical integration and the Western European urban network (2 fig.)

Paul VILLENEUVE, Pierre FRÉCHETTE. The spatial allocation of economic impacts using the Lowry model (2 tabl., 2 fig.)

Thierry BROSSARD, Gérard DESSERVY, Daniel JOLY. The GPS used as a large-scale geographical data source (4 fig.)

Yves RICHARD, Pierre CAMBERLIN, Gérard BELTRANDO. Research of space-time structures in climatology. The example of rainfall variability in Eastern Africa. (2 tabl., 4 fig.)

France GUÉRIN-PACE, Philippe COLLOMB. Associations evoked by the word «environment»: an analysis based using textual statistics (6 fig.)

Michel POULAIN, Michel FOULON. Linguistic borders, migrations and the spatial distribution of surnames in Belgium (4 fig.)

Jean-Christophe FRANÇOIS. Territorial discontinuities and spatial systems in the space constitued by junior secondary schools in the greater Paris area (5 fig.)

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