L’Espace géographique 4/97

With summaries

Augustin BERQUE. Basho, chôra, Tjukurrpa, or the poem of the world. (1 fig.)

Roger BRUNET, Jean-Christophe FRANÇOIS, Claude GRASLAND. Discontinuity in geography: research origins and problems.

Claude GRASLAND. The analysis of territorial discontinuities: As an example, the age structure of european regions around the year 1980. (1 tabl., 8 fig.)

Jean-Christophe GAY. Sport: limits for physical activity. (2 tabl., 4 fig.)

Pierre DARLU. Geographical representations of human biological diversity. (8 fig.)

Sophie PASSEGUÉ. A grid-map raster method to encode road roughness and mesure time-access levels in rural areas. (4 fig.)

Cécile HELLE, Sophie PASSEGUÉ. Looking for the optimal location for a new media library. The Drôme public reading network as an example. (3 fig.)

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