L’Espace géographique 2/15

EG 2/15

With summaries

Water and land trajectories in the construction of territories

Water and land tenure in the construction of multi-sited territories: The Palestinian case (3 fig.)

Rice in the Guadalquivir marismas: worth its salt? (5 fig.)

Environment, ecologisation of politics, and territorialisations: New water policies (GIRE and PES) in Kenya (4 fig.; 1 tabl.)

The territorialization of Uganda’s Olweny swamps: Agricultural and environmental policies versus power struggles (3 fig.)

The creation of Nepal’s rice-growing plain: Water management and territorialization processes in the Sunsari district (3 fig.)

Uniates in the Balkans – geographical considerations on religion of the “lands between” in the Republic of Macedonia (3 fig.; 3 photos)

Book reviews

In this issue of l’Espace géographique, you will find critical reviews of the following books

DUVAT V., MAGNAN A. (2014). Des catastrophes naturelles. Paris: Le Pommier, 312 p. (Augustin Berque, EHESS) ISBN: 978-2-7465-0679-4

CHALEARD J.-L. (dir.)(2014). Métropoles aux Suds, le défi des périphéries. Paris: Karthala, coll. «Hommes et Sociétés», 442 p. (Jean-Paul Deler, CNRS Bordeaux) ISBN: 978-2-8111-1054-3

BERGEL P., MILLIOT V. (2014). La Ville en ébullition. Sociétés urbaines à l’épreuve. Rennes: Presses universitaires de Rennes, coll. «Histoire», 384 p. (Marie Morelle, université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne) ISBN: 978-2-7535-3454-4

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