L’Espace géographique 3/15

EG 3/15

With summaries

Marie GISCLARD, Benjamin LYSANIUK, Évelyne MESCLIER. Territory, a limited solution to problems of development

The appropriation of norms of sustainable development from the peripheral, rural territorial level in Mexico (1 fig.)

The construction of territorial qualifications: An emerging issue in Latin America? (1 tabl.)

Health at risk in the Global South (2 fig., 5 photos)

Consequences of the establishment of the agro-industrial enterprises on the Peruvian piedmont coast (1 fig.)

A principle of territorial solidarity in the heart of the forest law in Argentina (2 fig.)

Territories and inclusion in the peripheries of Lima (Peru): An exploratory approach based on data about water supply and sewage disposal (9 fig., Attachments)

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