L’Espace géographique 2/99

With summaries

South Africa

New South Africa, new territories, new identities (1 tabl., 4 fig.)

Antoine BOUILLON. Transition and territorial principles in South Africa, races, immigrations, territories and networks (1 fig.)

Immigration and the rise of xenophobia in South Africa: the case of Mozambicans in the township of Alexandra (1 fig.)

Coloured people in Cape Town: two problems of identity (2 tabl., 2 fig.)

Philippe GUILLAUME. Urban life in townships. A study of Kliptown (Soweto) (3 fig., 4 phot.)

Philippe GERVAIS-LAMBONY, Bruno GUILLAUME. Odi-Moretele: "displaced urbanisation" and territorial reintegration in South Africa (2 fig.)

Laurent LHOPITALLIER, Patrice CARON. Diversity and recomposition of rural space in the district of Amatola, Eastern Cape Province (7 fig.)

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