L’Espace géographique 1/99

With summaries

Olivier DOLLFUS, Christian GRATALOUP, Jacques LEVY. Three or four things that globalisation means for geography.

Christian GRATALOUP. Representation and perception of a globalised World. (2 annexes)

Jacques LEVY. Geography visited by the World.

Olivier DOLLFUS. Globalisation and greenhouse gazes.

Debate. Globalisation. (B. Antheaume, O. Dollfus, Fr. Durand-Dastès, R. Brunet, Cl. Grasland, Ch. Grataloup, R. Knafou, J. Lévy, D. Pumain, V. Rey, M.-Cl. Robic, Th. Saint-Julien, Ch. Taillard)

Habib DLALA. New coastal industrial development in Tunisia, globalisation and country planning. (6 fig.)

Micro-industrialisation and full employment in northern Italy. (1 fig., 1 tabl.)

Rosa JORDÁ-BORRELL. The process of technological change in Andalusia. (2 fig., 3 tabl.)

Yves GUERMOND, Gilles LAJOIE. About measurement in social geography. (3 fig.)

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