L’Espace géographique 3/13

With summaries

“Half the park is after dark”. Dark sky parks and reserves: new
concepts and tools to grant nature heritage status (2  photos, 2  tabl.)

Heritage and ordinary abiotic nature. Considerations based on case studies in the Pays de la Loire (France)(4  fig.)

Registering intensive agriculture landscapes as heritage: the Plaine de Versailles and its “association patrimoniale” (3  fig.)

Granting nature and landscapes heritage status: contradictions and paradoxes concerning the fluvial wing dykes of the Armorican Loire (2  fig., 4  photos)

(1  encadré, 1  fig., 1  tabl.)

For a geographical approach of convergence. Regional disparities in the European Union and their evolution (1  encadré, 4  fig.)

Book reviews

In this issue of l’Espace géographique, you will find critical reviews of the following books

MARCUS J., SABLOFF J.A. (eds)(2008). The Ancient City. New Perspectives on Urbanism in the Old and New World. Santa Fe: School for Advanced Research Press, coll. «A School for Advanced Research Resident Scholar Book», 405 p. (Denise Pumain, université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne) ISBN: 978-1-934691-02-1

FERRIER J.-P. (2013). La Beauté géographique, ou la métamorphose des lieux. Paris: Economica, 132 p. (Yves Guermond, université de Rouen) ISBN: 978-2-7178-6558-5

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