L’Espace géographique 4/13

With summaries

Geneviève CORTES, Denis PESCHE. Multi-sited territory

Multi-sited territory, territorial complexity and territorial postmodernity: a relevant conceptual toolbox for tackling contemporary territorialities? (4  fig., 1  photo, 1  tabl.)

Is the international transhumance corridor in Sahel an archetype of multi-sited territory? (4  fig.)

François-Michel LE TOURNEAU. Construction of multi-sited territories in Amazon. The case of Quilombolas from Trombetas (Pará, Brazil)(4  fig.)

Multi-sited territories and migratory circulation (4  fig., 3  photos)

Renaturalizing without heritage status. Banishing disused installations and landscape blights in the protected alpine areas (2  fig., 1  photo)

The meaning and role of natural heritage within a context of sustainable planning and climate change

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