L’Espace géographique 4/12

Edition in English

With summaries

Archeology and geography

Sandrine ROBERT. Spatial dynamics at the intersection of Archeology and Geography

Integration of geographical and spatial archaeological concepts for the study of settlement systems (7  fig.)

Revisiting the dynamics linking society and form; between archeology and geography (3  fig.)

Germain, Victor, Martin and the others. Urban morphology and socio-ecclesiastic pratices in Paris in the IX-XIIth centuries and in the XIXth century (5  fig., 2  tabl.)

The construction of geo-historical references: a challenge for interdisciplinarity in historical sciences (5  fig., 2  photos)

Diasporas and representations

Temporal continuity, spatial contiguity and creation of a social entity’s own world. The case of the Chinese diaspora


The obscure future of the Kyoto protocol (1  table)

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