L’Espace géographique 3/12

Edition in English

With summaries

River logistics and metropolitan project

Antoine FRÉMONT. Developing territories of metropolitan logistics. The example of river towns

Inland waterway transport in the Pearl River Basin, China (10 fig., 2 tables)

Transport and reorganization of the relations between city and harbour on the Paraná river. The case of the metropolis of Rosario (Argentina) (5 fig.)

Connecting, disconnecting and reconnecting: port logistics and Vancouver’s Fraser River (1 fig., 1 table)

What role for the Seine in the Great Paris freightmarket? (7 fig., 4 tables)

Ports in metropolitan negociation: the example of Basel (4 fig., 2 photos, 1 table)

Urban growth

An intermediate system. Trajectories of Russian cities between general dynamics and specific histories (8 fig., 3 tables)

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