L’Espace géographique 4/98

With summaries

Nathalie BLANC. 1925-1990: Urban ecology and the relationship between city and nature. (1 tabl.)

Bernard SCHÉOU. Estimating the local population using the negative exponential density function. (11 tabl., 10 fig., 1 annexe)

Municipal player's appropriation of geographical information technologies. (1 tabl., 2 fig.)

Isabelle COLIN. Inequalities in medical prescriptions in an urban area. (12 fig.)

Hierarchies of cities, hierarchies of sport clubs: the divergence of French football from the European norm. (7 fig.)

Annick HOLLÉ. The Newar courtyards in Kathmandu. (7 fig.)

Vincent CLÉMENT. Romantic perception of Castile through account of Théophile Gautier's travel. (1 fig.)

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