Didier Paris. Lille, from metropolis to urban region (9 fig.)

Raymond Wœssner. Southern Rhine: neofordist region, cluster or technopole? (4 fig.)

Roger Brunet. Lines of force of the European space (5 fig.)

Philippe Violier. La Baule, from tourism to lived space (5 fig.)

Anne Hertzog. Museums, space and territorial identity in Picardy (6 fig.)

Gilles Fumey. A geography of imaginary countries (2 fig.)

Marie-Françoise Fleury, Hervé Théry. The worldwide success of Monopoly (4 fig.)

Christophe Grenier. Oceanian or American? A comparative analysis of the attachment of the Galapagos and Easter Island to America (7 fig.)

Book reviews (Roger Brunet, Patricia Cicille, Sébastien Velut)

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