Neither passivity nor chaos: changes in land ownership and land use in Verkhni Ikorets (Russia) (5 fig.)

Sylvie Roosen. Conquering land and reconquering identity in the Gulf of Carpentaria region (Australia) (4 fig.)

Équipe MTG-Rouen. Uncertain Rouen (7 fig.)

The Po delta: a doubly unstable zone (2 fig.)

Wissant Bay: 100 years of change in pictures (7 fig.)

Sylvine Pickel. Representations of “nature” in the development of tourism in Saint-Trojan-les-Bains (4 fig.)

From topography to history: understanding the development of ancient towns (6 fig.)

Somaliland, a young “state” seeking recognition (1 fig.)

Book reviews (Gilles Fumey, Céline Rozenblat)

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