Jean-Pierre MARCHAND and Emma RENAUD. A rover's guide in Britain in the early 17th century by John Taylor, the waterman-poet (3 fig.)

Gilles COUIX and Richard LE ROY. A graphic model of coastline law (6 fig.)

Claudine BOULANGER, Pascale ARBONA and Carole GRINGORE. Graphic modelling, an aid to the understanding of geographical space in elementary schools (3rd cycle) (6 fig.)

Alexandre MOINE. Spatial organisation and dynamics in Franche-Comté (7 fig.)

Christian BAUDELOT and Hervé THÉRY. "From every part of the Republic": the geographical origins of the students of the École Normale Supérieure from 1914 to 1992 (3 fig.)

Pierrick HERVÉ. Objective Anarchaos, mapping the imaginary (3 fig.)

Denis ECKERT. The military-industrial complex in Russia: "the invisible mastodon" (2 fig.)

John STILLWELL. Regional research through partnership in Yorkshire and Humberside (4 fig.)

Michel VIGOUROUX. Regional Atlases: three widely different approaches (6 fig.) (review)

Benoît ANTHEAUME, Louis ARRÉGHINI and Philippe WANIEZ. Will small discs replace large books? Cabral Collection and the Atlas informatisé du Togo et du Bénin (5 fig.)

Jean-François AGUINAGA. Francisco Ferrer: places of memory in France (3 fig.)

Frédéric BARBE. The Nation-State: the French model (2 fig.)

Sophie BOURGAREL. Health and spatial structures in French Guiana (5 fig.)

Jean-Paul CHEYLAN. Stop press

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