ROGER BRUNET. Languedoc-Roussillon as a model. (5 fig.)

Françoise PLET, Zsuzsa CROS et Éva GYURÓ KONKOLYNÉ. Wine-growing and the political context: Tokay aszu. (5 fig.)

Patrick GUILLOPÉ, Philippe GIGOT et Pierre VIGNE. A GIS processing chain for the implementation of the "Littoral" (coastline) law. (5 fig.)

Edward J. ANTHONY. From maps to statistical analyses: the types of shorelines forming the French Riviera. (5 fig.)

Jean-Luc BONNEFOY et Michel VIGOUROUX. Victor's contribution to rationalising the route for Jacques Chirac's election campaign. (5 fig.)

Jean-Michel DEWAILLY. Russia's attempt at attracting tourism: the limits of information. (1 fig.)

Anthony UNWIN. Exploring Geographic Data Using REGARD. (3 fig.)

Anne-Elisabeth LAQUES et Philippe BERINGUIER. Three prospective scenarios for the pioneer front of the Ticoporo Forest Reserve. (6 fig.)

Christian GERMANAZ et Yvon LEBRAS. Pictures and models: a defence of synthesis. (3 fig.)

Loïc GRASLAND et Hervé THÉRY. The spread of air transport in Europe: saturation of the centre and redevelopment of the periphery. (3 fig.)

Jean-Paul CHEYLAN. Stop press.

Roger BRUNET. The myth of population concentration in France. (3 fig.)

Pierre USSELMANN. Mexico (5 fig.) (review).

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