Roger BRUNET. The figures of the crossroads (7 fig.)

Jean BARROT. The representation of landscape in painting: rural space and aesthetic culture in Western Europe (16th - 18th c.) (4 fig.)

Vladimir KOLOSSOV, Alexei PLATÉ. Divided Russia: geography of elections (9 fig.)

Phillipe ELLERKAMP. The plains of Valencia and Vaucluse or two huertas (4 fig.)

Vincent DUBREUIL, Hervé REGNAULD. French landscapes : the importance of nature under NOAA (2 fig.)

Joël CHARRE. Picturing climates: what is to be thought of ombrothermal diagrams? (2 fig.)

Frédéric BIZET. Gridmap and urban GIS: the unemployed in Rouen (France) (3 fig.)

Claude MANGIN. Nancy for the rich and Nancy for the poor: some teenagers visualise their city (6 fig.)

Book reviews. Patricia Cicille, Robert Ferras, Laurent Grison, Céline Rozenblat.

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