Emmanuel ELIOT. Spatial Diffusion of AIDS in India. (5 fig.)

Laurent GRISON. A Map of the Good Path: Geography, Rhetoric and Religion in the 19th Century. (1 fig.)

Sylvie CONSIDÈRE, Madeleine GRISELIN. The Landscape School. (8 fig.)

Roger BRUNET. Farewell ZPIU, welcome ZAU! (1 fig.)

Cécile HELLE. The Luberon is a Haven for Artists. (3 fig.)

Dominique LAFFLY. Ecology, Remote Sensing and GIS: Ecotopes of the Capercaillie in the High Jura. (5 fig.)

Jean-Bernard RACINE. Swiss and Europ: a Scale Question (2 fig.)

Hervé THÉRY. Roads and deforestation in Brasilian Amazonia: Rondonia 1974-1996. (5 fig.)

Denis ECKERT. How many States in the World?

Book reviews. Roger Brunet, Robert Ferras, Laurent Grison, Alain Musset, Céline Rozenblat.

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