Michel NEYROUD. Sri Lanka: a model of an island (13 fig.)

Jean DOMINGO. About one subject on a syllabus… Japan's place within the international system of commercial and financial exchanges (1 fig.)

Jacky FONTANABONA. The construction of the "world as a system" concept with sixth-formers (3 fig.)

Marie S. BOCK and Jean-Paul DELER. Guayaquil (1900-1940): agricultural exports and urban dynamics (7 fig.)

Hervé THÉRY, Marie-Thérèse LERNOUT, Emmanuel LÉZY and Pascale MAURENCE. The Atlas du Val-de-Marne: a small area extremely rich in information (4 fig.)

Thierry BROSSARD, Daniel JOLY and Pascal PIERRET. Agriculture in decline and shrinking landscapes (6 fig.)

Dominique LAFFLY. Changes in landscape and land occupation through satellite observation (7 fig.)

Philippe WANIEZ, Mirian VIZINTIM and Violette BRUSTLEIN. An example of the experimentation of GIS in geography: GIS Paraná (17 fig.)

Henry R.GODARD, René de Maximy and Marc SOURIS. From a GIS to the Atlas infographique de Quito (9 fig.)

Jean-Paul CHEYLAN. Stop press.

Jean-Paul CHEYLAN. Flattening the Earth.Two Thousand Years of Map Projections. (2 fig.) (lecture note)

Raúl GUERRERO. Population changes in central Chile (1982-1992) (4 fig.)

Yvan COMBEAU. The boulangiste “movement” (1886-1891) (1 fig.)

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