Facets of GIS

Jean-Paul CHEYLAN, Philippe MIELLET and Philippe WANIEZ. Facets of GIS

Jean-Paul CHEYLAN, Philippe MIELLET and Philippe WANIEZ. A "state of the art" in Geographical Information Systems

Hervé PIÉGAY. The impact of the September 1992 flood on the riparian forest of the Ouvèze river (1 fig.)

Jacques DENIS and Éric DUTRIEUX. Towards an environmental management system for oil companies (1 fig.)

Daniel JOLY, Daniel MATHIEU and Jean-Claude WIEBER. Water in Franche-Comté: the issues raised by two maps (2 fig.)

Jean-Paul CHEYLAN and Nicole MARCEL. Pollution in the Danube basin: a simulation by effluent source (2 fig.)

Jean-Marc ROBBEZ-MASSON and Mathias BERTOJO. A pedologist's perception of linear space: how to compare the orientations of lines and polygons? (1 fig.)

Philippe LAGACHERIE, Christophe LEDREUX and Jean-Paul LEGROS. Modelling the knowledge of a cartographer pedologist (2 fig.)

Ramon LAPLANA, Jean-Claude ANSEL, François BILLY, Daniel BRUNSTEIN and Françoise HUET. GIS and the study of diffuse pollution and erosion phenomena (3 fig.)

Claude JANIN, Didier JOSSELIN and Christian LAFORGUE. Val de Lans-en-Vercors: landscape evolution simulations (3 fig.)

Corinne ROUZET, Stéphane BELLON and Philippe LAGACHERIE. A GIS to analyse environment development strategies by sheep-farming (1 fig.)

Pierre TRIBOULET and Sylvie LARDON. Cropping patterns on an agricultural frontier in the Misiones province (Argentina) (2 fig.)

Dominique KING, Richard DELÉCOLLE, Luhembwe NGONGO, Joël DAROUSSIN and Paul VOSSEN. The potential of physical environment as demonstrated by the combination of a plant model (maize) and a GIS (2 fig.)

Jean-Pierre ASTÉ, Pierre DUMOLARD, Frédéric LEONE and ShiJIN. GIS and natural risk: the landslide in Séchilienne (Isère, France) (3 fig.)

Franck VIDAL. Remote sensing image processing and a GIS to study the behaviour of roe deer (3 fig.)

Françoise GOURMELON, Christophe GUINET and Frédéric JEAN. The Mer d'Iroise Biosphere Reserve: a GIS in a maritime environment (1 fig.)

Christian CRÉPEAU and Thierry HUET. The SIGMIP project: towards a regional geographical database in the Midi-Pyrénées region (1 fig.)

Élisabeth BONNEFONT, Marie LANGUEPIN and Philippe PETIT-HUGON. The manifold facets of the spatially referenced information system of département de L’Hérault (2 fig.)

Michel ROUGET. A GIS to determine the best possible locations for industry (1 fig.)

Luc CAMBRÉZY and Marc SOURIS. Research applied to regional development: a GIS for the State of Veracruz (Mexico) (3 fig.)

Hélène MATHIAN and Lena SANDERS. Dynamic modelling and GIS (4 fig.)

Jean-Luc BONNEFOY. Retail trade and services: an approach to behaviour at commune level (3 fig.)

Jacques GAUBERT. The GIS of Marseilles: an operational tool since 1977 (3 fig.)

Alban BOURCIER. Images based on a combination of geographical information applied to the Seine estuary (1 fig.)

Christiane WEBER, Jacky HIRSCH and Aziz SERRADJ. Population distribution and reference spatial structure (3 fig.)

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