Thomas MALOUTAS. Social segregation in Athens. (3 fig.)

Brian HOOKER. Blaeu's 1604 World Map (1 fig.)

Gian Paolo TORRICELLI. Commuters in Switzerland and Northern Italy: images of flow and their changes. (3 fig.)

Jacques BETHEMONT, Charles DANIÈRE, Martin VANIER. Rhône-Alpes, the axis and the crossroads. (5 fig.)

Lena SANDERS. Scandinavians choice regarding Europe: how to explain such regional disparities? (3 fig.)

Christian BAUDELOT, Roger ESTABLET. «Baccalaureat»: compared academic results. (2 fig.)

Lydia GAUDRAY-COUDROY. Warsaw: the thwarted growth. (3 fig.)

Frédéric BIZET, Michel BUSSI. Boardgames: geography for fun. (5 fig.)

Book reviews. Roger Brunet, Joël Charre, Pierre Usselmann.

Roger BRUNET . What is the largest island in the World?

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