Stéphane Puzin. The Three Gorges dam (China) (8 fig.)

Space and the action of teaching: elements for the chorematics of the classroom (2 fig.)

Laurent Grison. The senses of a museum (3 fig.)

Water for the poor in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (7 fig.)

Biodiversity, landscape and territorial planning: from corridors to biological connection zones (3 fig.)

Michel Desse. The changing coast of Martinique Island (4 fig.)

Tokyo and the countryside: suburban expansion in Toride (2 fig.)

Vincent Berdoulay, Hélène Saule-Sorbé. Franz Schrader and Gavarnie, or the geographer turned landscape painter (5 fig.)

Denise Pumain, Anne Bretagnolle, Melina Degorge-Lavagne. The city and urban growth in space-time (5 fig.)

Book reviews. (Philippe Cadène, Laurent Grison)

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