Roger Brunet. The geography exercises in the baccalauréat. purpose and ways to achieve the innovation. interview with Gilbert Gaudin.

Should the geography paper in the baccalauréat be redesigned? (3 fig.)

Jean-François Joly, Roger Reineri. The map is first and foremost a tool for teaching geography (7 fig.)

Roger Brunet. Memory and identity: geography for the baccalauréat and before (2 fig.)

Michel Favory. The department of Gironde and its metropolisation. (5 fig.)

Jean-Pierre Chevalier, Didier Mendibil. Twenty central european towns in four Géographies Universelles (4 fig.)

Cécile Chombard-Gaudin. The meandering development of a loop of the seine (9 fig.)

Dominique Gresle-Pouligny. The image of corsica in the 15th and 16th century isolarii (5 fig.)

Book reviews (Roger Brunet)

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