Didier Benjamin, Henry R. Godard. Mayotte, a piece of France in the islamic world

Didier Benjamin, Henry R. Godard. Centralisation and polarisation: the urban area of Mamoudzou and the Mahorian villages (3 fig.)

Henry R. Godard, Armelle Kaufmant. The rising tide of immigration (3 fig.)

Jean-Christophe Gay. The distribution of tourism in the Comoran archipelago (4 fig.)

Marion Hardegen, Françoise Gourmelon, Frédéric Bioret, Sylvie Magnanon. Mapping the terrestrial habitats in the Natura 2000 network in Brittany. Application for regional development (5 fig.)

Philippe Ménard, Philippe Clergeau. The concept of biological connection zone. Applications for regional planning (3 fig.)

Christian Jamot. Clermont-Ferrand (1 fig.)

Claude Mangin. Places of stadiums, geographical models and media (6 fig.)

Book reviews (Didier Benjamin, Roger Brunet, Gilles Fumey, Jean-Christophe Gay, Laurent Grison, Claude Mangin)

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