. When Berlin is written in capital letters: a critical view. (5 fig.)

Philippe Moyen. An attempt at modelling the 12 century Mediterranean (2 fig.)

Roger Brunet. France reshaped by its towns (4 fig.)

. The urban landscapes of Cayenne, French Guiana (5 fig.)

Fernand Verger. Tides and tourists at the Mont-Saint-Michel (4 fig.)

Fernand Verger. Natural sedimentation and civil engineering near the Mont-Saint-Michel (4 fig.)

. Minais Gerais: a mirror of Brazil. A proposed new atlas (7 fig.)

. The spatial distribution of intermunicipal groupings (2 fig.)

Book reviews (Manuel Appert, Roger Brunet, Claude Mangin, Céline Rozenblat, Sébastien Velut)

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