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Thomas MALOUTAS. Social segregation in Athens. (3 fig.)

The synthetic imaging of the socio-professional structure of Athens'Urban Area provides a detailed geographic morphology of the urban segregation. This morphology may become an essential element of interpretation of segregation processes.

Brian HOOKER. Blaeu's 1604 World Map (1 fig.)

The paper freshly examines the two-sheet map which was the first world map published by Willem Jansz (Blaeu) at the beginning of his map-publishing career.The 1604 map was modelled to a large degree on Jodocus Hondius great Mercator map of 1598.The paper reviews geographical features, longitudinal placement of coastlines and the prime meridian.

Gian Paolo TORRICELLI. Commuters in Switzerland and Northern Italy: images of flow and their changes. (3 fig.)

The Atlante socio-economico della Regione insubrica is an occasion for representing commuting in Switzerland and Northern Italy, comparing their evolution over the course of a decade and mapping its networks.The general attitude on transportation is very different in each of the two countries, and so are the structure of the daily urban areas.

Jacques BETHEMONT, Charles DANIÈRE, Martin VANIER. Rhône-Alpes, the axis and the crossroads. (5 fig.)

The space of Rhone-Alps region is highly structured by the crossroads of Lyon, the Rhone-Saône axis and the Alps pass. Its economic dynamism is modified by strong intra-regional disparities and by a weak cultural coherence. The region is searching for its unity within the European opening.

Lena SANDERS. Scandinavians choice regarding Europe: how to explain such regional disparities? (3 fig.)

When the Nordic countries had to vote for their membership in the European Union, deep differences appeared according to socio-cultural background and to localisation. Behind the oppositions between North and South, centers and peri-pheries, the distance to Europe clearly discriminated the vote attitudes.

Christian BAUDELOT, Roger ESTABLET. «Baccalaureat»: compared academic results. (2 fig.)

The statistics analysis of the productivity of secondary schools to A-levels does not result in renewing fatalistics reports on heavy determinisms. Some important margins allow secondary schools to take different advantages from an equal start. Between macro-social determinisms and results specific to each secondary schools, significant regional variations intervene.

Lydia GAUDRAY-COUDROY. Warsaw: the thwarted growth. (3 fig.)

Since the 2nd World War, Warsaw did not manage to master the accomodation issue, in spite or because of contradictory politics and has not been able to fully exploit its place of capital of the nation.

Frédéric BIZET, Michel BUSSI. Boardgames: geography for fun. (5 fig.)

Boardgames often use a «paper» map as a prop. Beyond the cartographic aspect, those games also incorporate notions of territoriality and of space analysis.

Book reviews. Roger Brunet, Joël Charre, Pierre Usselmann.

Roger BRUNET . What is the largest island in the World?

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