Spatial Structures of the Economic and Social Development in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Atlas of Laos

Bounthavy SISOUPHANTHONG, National Statistical Centre, State Planning Committee of Lao PDR, Christian TAILLARD, LASEMA-CNRS, GDR Libergéo-CNRS, France.

State Planning Committee in including spatial factors in its development strategies, in reducing territorial inequalities, in giving a regional dimension to planning and in involving Laos in the process of regional integration occurring between the countries of South-East Asia and southern China.

The statistics mapped in the atlas paint a picture of Laos at the end of the 1990s. The atlas provides an image of the country at a key moment in its development, 20 years after the founding of Lao PDR. It measures Lao PDR’s degree of integration, evaluates its resources and potential, and highlights its spatial structures and dynamics. It is an instrument for cooperation between Laotian and foreign development partners and an educational tool for teachers and students.

2000, 21 x 25, 160 p., 290 maps

French Lao English
ISBN 2-11-004497-7 (190F)
ISSN 0999-0089
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ISBN 2-11-004625-2
ISSN 0999-0089
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ISBN 87-87062-87-9 (NIAS)
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