L’Espace géographique 1/96



Roger BRUNET. 25 years old.

Henri REYMOND. Defence and illustration of a didactical academic geography: on Jacques Scheibling's book Qu'est-ce que la géographie?

Roger BRUNET. Geographical ways: the situation is clearing up.

Henri REYMOND. Geographical ways (II): outline of a logbook.

Brigitte BACCAÏNI. Recent evolution of commutations in Île-de-France. (8 tabl., 2 fig.)

Dominique BADARIOTTI. Political project and town planning: the Strasbourg of Pierre Pflimlin (1959-1983). (1 fig.)

Bernard JOUVE. The Franco-Swiss Geneva conurbation: a conflict between neighbours or a reconstruction of territory? (3 fig.)

Jean-Michel EBERHARD. Urban districts typology set up from a landscape systematic description method. (1 tabl., 8 fig.)

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