L’Espace géographique 2/96

With summaries

Philip G. EIDELBERG. Apartheid and urban segregation in South Africa.

Christine CHIVALLON. Praise of spatiality: conceptions of the relations between space and identity in Patrick Chamoiseau's Texaco.

Géo-humeur: Jérôme MONNET. Los Angeles, the city whose Prince is a criminal, a geographical tragedy in black and white.

Michel GRIGNON, Jeanne FAGNANI. Income transfers and female's activity in Europe. (2 tabl., 1 fig.)

Anne BRETAGNOLLE. Study of indexes of concentration of a population. (2 tabl., 3 fig., 2 annexes)

Samuel ROBERT, Pascale SALÜN. Village-forest interface dynamics in the Western Ghats evergreen forested regions (India): a case-study from Uppugala. (5 fig.)

Denis GAUTIER. Russian dolls and Cameroon Bamileke Mountains. From concession to Chiefdom: spatial structures and dynamics interlocking in Cameroon Bamileke country. (13 fig.)

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