L’Espace géographique 3/96

With summaries

L. DIAZ OLVERA, M. LE NIR, D. PLAT, Ch. RAUX. Frontier-effects: an obstacle to the understanding of international exchanges? (2 tabl., 3 fig.)

Antoine FRÉMONT. For a problematic approach of the maritime and merchant space. (3 tabl., 1 fig.)

Olivier ORAIN. Russian geography (1845-1917). In the shadow and the light of soviet historiography. (1 tabl.)

Soizic ALAVOINE. The geographers' words (1907, 1970, 1992). A cross-reading of the letter A section in three geographic dictionaries. (3 tabl.)

Philippe MÉJEAN, Bernard VIGNON, Marc BENOÎT. Study of landscape appreciation criteria used by rural areas inhabitants in Lorraine. (3 tabl., 1 fig., 2 phot.)

Michel LECOMPTE, Frédéric ALEXANDRE. Continuity and discontinuity of vegetation and environment. From the theory of altitude stories to dynamic phytoclimatology. (4 fig.)

Dominique PEETERS, Jacky PERREUR. Weber's approach on industrial location and its extensions: an assessment. (2 fig.)

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