L’Espace géographique 3/97

With summaries

Rémy KNAFOU, Mireille BRUSTON, Florence DEPREST, Philippe DUHAMEL, Jean-Christophe GAY, Isabelle SACAREAU. A geographical approach to tourism. (1 fig.)

Jean-Michel DEWAILLY. Recreational areas: from reality to virtuality? (1 fig.)

Pedro DOMÍNGUEZ BASCÓN. Human bioclimatology and habitat conception. The courtyard microclimatic function in Andalusian traditional houses. (2 photo., 3 fig.)

Claire DELFOSSE. Regional names and products of the terroir: the stakes of geographic names.

Frédéric MOATTY, Antoine VALEYRE. The polarization of industrial research & development in France: activity based or organizational logic? (9 tabl., 4 fig.)

Yves POINSOT. The role of spatial forms in the extension of wasteland in the Razes district (Aude). Outline of a vicinity geography. (2 tabl., 4 fig.)

Jørgen Drud HANSEN, Gustav KRISTENSEN, Zymunt TKOCZ. Expansion method of danish cities. (1 tabl., 3 fig.)

Marie-Alexandre LAURENT, Isabelle THOMAS. Spatial interaction model and aggregation of places. The example of crime data. (3 tabl., 4 fig.)

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