Tourism development

Équipe MIT. Tourism development: an analytical tool (3 fig.)

Philippe Violier. Views of tourist sites in the world (2 fig.)

Olivier Lazzarotti. Heritage and tourism: linked together in a globalised world (1 fig.)

Philippe Moyen. From the Rome of bricks to an empire in stone: a geohistorical model of the Roman empire in the 1st and 2nd centuries (11 fig.)

Dissymetrical uses of a delta. Settlement and development of the Chao Phraya Delta (Thailand) (3 fig.)

Cécile Chombard-Gaudin, Pierre Usselmann. Floods in Aude, southern France : risks and a regulatory framework for risk prevention (6 fig.)

The urbanisation of the Mediterranean coast (2 fig.)

Jean-Louis Guébourg. Socotra, an island outside of time (7 fig.)

Book reviews (Roger Brunet, Sébastien Caquard, Cécile Gaudin)

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