Editorial. Jean-Paul Cheylan, Anne Ruas

Jacques POULAIN. The National Geographic Institute, Yesterday and Today (1 fig.)

Sylvie LAMY. The Numerical Challenge (1 fig.)

Colette CAUVIN. Cartographic Transformations (3 fig.)

Jean-Charles DENAIN, Patrice LANGLOIS. Anamorphosis Mapping (2 fig.)

Patrice LANGLOIS, Gilles LAJOIE. Grid Maps and Spatial Precision (2 fig.)

Joël BOULIER. A New Forest Formation Mapping Method (2 fig.)

Laurent SIMON, Bezounesh TAMRU. Biogeographic Mapping and Landscape Dynamics of the Lure Mountain (France) (4 fig.)

Cornelius MENDE. An Interactive Analysis of Spatial Dynamics (3 fig.)

Michel BORNAND, Jean-Marc ROBBEZ-MASSON. Soil Cartography and Computer Science at Users' Service (2 fig.)

Jacques AUTRAN, Marius FRÉGIER, Michel PERLOFF. GIS, Graphics and Urban Projects (2 fig.)

Book reviews. Roger Brunet, Jean-Paul Cheylan, Denis Gautier, Pierre Usselmann.

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