Editorial. Roger Brunet

Bertrand LÉVY. The First Regional Maps of Lake Geneva. (3 fig.)

Philippe LAHOUSSE, Pierre-Gil SALVADOR. Briançon, July 24, 1995: A Natural Catastrophe Autopsy and Lesson (5 fig.)

Laurent GRISON. Voyage: Space and poetry in a calligramme by Apollinaire (1 fig.)

Roger BRUNET. Where is the Centre of the World? (3 fig.)

Guy BAUDELLE. Spatial organisation of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais Region (6 fig.)

Jean-Charles CLANET. Between Unity and Division: Spatial Organisation Dynamics in Chad (2 fig.)

Franck DOLIQUE. Evolution of the coastline near Cayeux (France) (8 fig.)

Book reviews. Roger Brunet, Robert Ferras, Cécile Gaudin, Laurent Grison, Sylvie Lardon, Pierre Usselmann.

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