Charlotte Michel, Sylvie Lardon. Access to natural areas: the contribution of choremes to managing conflicts of use (4 fig.)

Farm territories and village territories: changing patterns in Lorraine (2 fig.)

Muriel Bonin. New functions of agriculture and farm dynamics: a chorematic analysis in the Monts d'Ardèche (4 fig.)

Graphic modelling and choremes: management of common rights in Massaroca (Nordeste, Brazil) (4 fig.)

Clarisse Didelon. The modernisation of India's railways: between integration and exacerbation of regional disparities (2 fig.)

Marie-Caroline Saglio. Mumbai: spatial changes in an expanding metropolis (3 fig.)

Delhi: population and spatial trends of a large metropolis (6 fig.)

Port Louis, Mauritius: a harbour and a capital (4 fig.)

19th century geographical alphabet primers: pretext geography (5 fig.)

Book reviews (Gilles Fumey, Jean-Christophe Gay)

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