Economic Activities and Territorialisation in India (4 fig.)

Jean-Marie THÉODAT. Haiti Quisqueya: Double Insularity (1 fig.)

Snezana PROKIC. Croatia: Tourism before and after the War (5 fig.)

Maryvonne LE BERRE, Joëlle MAILLARDET. On Land and Sea: Spatial Organisation in the North Sea and Norwegian Sea (8 fig.)

Progress in Cartography and the Approach to the City: Moscow and the Culture of Disorientation (2 fig.)

Jean-Michel JAUZE. Inversed Centrality on the Island of Reunion (3 fig.)

Patrick BOUCHET, Jean-Christophe GAY. The Highlands of Reunion conquered by Leisure Activities (6 fig.)

Joël PAILHÉ. Jazz, Globalisation and Territoriality (6 fig.)

Book reviews. Laurent Grison,

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