Alain MIOSSEC. Responses to marine erosion. (8 fig.)

Relative sea levels. (5 fig.)

Roland PASKOFF. The crisis affecting beaches: shortage of sediments. (2 fig.)

Vincent VESCHAMBRE. «Lives and works in New York and in Paris» (4 fig.)

The centres of Latin-American literature (4 fig.)

Dominique CROZAT. Eradicating slums in Lisbon (5 fig.)

Michel POUYLLAU. The structures and territorial model of Hanoi (4 fig.)

Children's maps in the eighteenth century (3 fig.)

Marc BAYARD. The area created by perspective in the theatre: an idealised or a realistic space. (2 fig.)

Book reviews. (Yves André, Jean Pierre Gaudin, Michel Vigouroux)

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